Monuments and Memorial Places

  • Freedom Fighter Brothers’ Cemetery (Jaškova Cemetery) 

Address: Abrenes street 31 A, Jaškova, Vecumi parish, 
GPS: 57.179181, 27.706598

Opened in 1935. The author of the monument is sculptor Kārlis Zemdega. 31 Latvian and 14 Estonian soldiers fallen in the War of Independence in the vicinity of Viļaka are buried here. Restored on November 11, 1990.

  • Jewish Holocaust Memorial Place, the Obelisk

Address: Vecumi parish, Balvi county
GPS: 57.163342, 27.711008

The obelisk is installed at the location where in 1941 the Nazi shot all (approx. 520) the Jewish residents of Viļaka.

  • Old Jewish Cemetery

Address: Jaunatnes street, Viļaka
GPS: 57.176831, 27.690150

Signs on the memorial stone at the old Jewish cemetery have survived, which indicate that this is an old burial site of Jewish residents before 1941. In 1993, a memorial stone was installed.

  • Memorial Stone for the Founders of Latgalian Book Publishing

Address: Tautas street 6, Viļaka,
GPS: 57.183248, 27.672064

Vincents Leika, a prayer book translator, a binder, a seller of religious items in Viļaka, and Joņš Cibuļskis, who opened the first book shop in Viļaka, organised the youth of Viļaka for active social work, taught lessons of Faith in local schools.

  • Monument for National Partisans

Address: Parka street 2, Viļaka,
GPS: 57.177147, 27.681148

Revealed on May 28, 2005 to honour the memory of national partisan commander Pēteris Supe. A capsule with the names of 386 fallen national partisans, descriptions of battles and materials about the partisan commander is placed under the monument.

  • Monument to Pīters Miglinīks

Address: Abrenes street 26, Viļaka,
GPS: 57.183053,27.676353

Pīters Miglinīks (1850-1883) was a poet, an author of original Latgalian literature, a singer, and the first defender of the people’s rights.