Country house "Vecozoli"

Address: "Vecozoli", Stūrīši, Susāji parish, Viļaka county
T.: +37129431236 Rolands

GPS: 57.2306867, 27.7014296

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The guest house is located in the village Stūrīši and is an ideal quiet place where the nearest neighbours are 3 km away.


  • number of bed places – 8 (1 double bed, 2 single beds, + 4 mattresses + tent sites);
  • pond and black bath;
  • WC, shower;
  • kitchen;
  • grill;
  • the house is available all year round.

Additional proposal:

  • accommodation in a traditional country estate;
  • annual celebration of traditional holidays;
  • the possibility of mastering the traditional craft;
  • collection of seasonal gifts of nature and preparation (recognition of useful plants, picking berries, mushrooms, etc.);
  • organization of activities related to hunting and fishing;
  • cooking workshops – cooking with local, seasonal ingredients;
  • training and visiting typical for Latgale black bath;
  • organization of excursions on retro motorcycles, etc.;
  • organization of sports events;
  • establishment of international relations with this kind non-governmental organizations.