Accommodation “Million star hotel” /Glemping

Address: "Vēršukalns", Svilpova ciems, Susāji parish, Balvi county
T.: +371 26292288
e-male: /
GPS: 57.180246, 27.628142

The opportunity to spend the night under the blue sky, getting positive emotions and enjoying a relaxing holiday! The bubble tent is located in a picturesque place where nature is in peace and harmony.


  • number of beds: for two or for a small family;
  • overnight in the open air, because the bubble is 70% transparent;
  • the heater is provided for the cooler nights;
  • power supply is available;
  • located in the historic rural estate “Vēršukalns”;
  • car parking;
  • WC is available in a small “bubble”.

Guests can visit cultural and historical rural homestead “Vēršukalns”, to see the motocross track “Baltais briedis”, which is 400 metres away, or go to Viļaka (4 km away) to enjoy swimming or fishing in lake Viļaka, enjoy an active holiday on water or just get acquainted with the ancient history of Marienhauzen, having seen the island and the castle. The lovers of museums and collections have the opportunity to go to the museum of forestry “Egļavas”, which is 5 km away, and 6 km away – the collection of antiquities and vintage motorcycles “Cīrulīši”, but if you want to enjoy the peace of Northern Latgale, you can just stay in the vicinity of the accommodation, walking through the meadows and forests, watching the sunset and counting the stars at night, drink clean water from the well and listen to the sounds of nature.

For more information about the sights ask S. Komane (SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook), or by phone / e-mail.